How would you compare Reach-iT PRO with other poles :

There is two designs to compare – the thing you are looking to buy is, I would suggest, ‘efficiency’.

Comparing poles ‘only’ at 50ft is comparing only one fifth of the function.

Reach-iT PRO is based on a 7 section telescopic ‘MASTER’ pole. It is basically a 4 storey pole.

After cleaning 4 storeys, remove sections 6&7 to clean 3rd storey.

After cleaning 3rd storey, remove sections 4&5 to clean 2nd storey.

After cleaning 2nd storey, remove sections 3&2 to clean ground.

The PRO gets lighter as you complete each section.

To clean 5 storeys, add either Reach-iT PRO-XT, or PRECISION A (Ultra-high Modulus 4/3 XT)

To clean 6 storeys, add either another Reach-iT PRO-XT or PRECISION B (ultra-high Modulus 6/5 XT)

To clean 7 storeys, add either another Reach-iT PRO-XT or another PRECISION B.

Offered with 3 year Carbonfiber Warranty and 2 years Carbonfiber Insurance. If it breaks, we replace it free. See


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