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About Our Wiki

Right now, the WIKI is in ‘BETA’ – that means it is incomplete, but ready enough to launch, get feedback and ‘load-up’ with all your knowledge, or lack of knowledge.

We have started by loading a bunch of Water Fed Q&A’s that are actually transcripts from our LiveChat channel at and from our ‘Water Fed Pole Talk’ FaceBook Group.

We welcome the in-experienced to ask the ‘dumbest of questions’ and the experts to load up the ‘smartest of answers’.

What we are looking to achieve is a form of ‘CROWD SOURCING’ of knowledge – it’s is like an industry encyclopaedia – built from the knowledge of our crowd – our community !

So, if you want to add value, and never need to repeat yourself, Upload Your Knowledge to the Crowd !

How to Use Our WIKI

Firstly, add as much as you want to … and ask as much as you want !

You will see the crumbs along the top of each page .. you can track backwards to common threads using these ..

Each category of questions has an icon – for example, you can see a red icon for Water Fed, a Globe for Location-based Answers, and a Water Drop for Pure Water …this makes it easy for you to pick through the types of questions without having to read them all.

Soon, we will develop a sub-category icon to make it even easier – for example, under location, you will se the UK, USA and Australia separated like this :

If you want to add a comment under any thread, please look for the heading ‘Leave a Reply’



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