Flow Dynamics Explained

The current (flow) in the middle of a river is always faster than at the bank of a river – that’s because there is friction at the bank. With a hose or tube, we call it ‘wall friction’. The smaller the internal diameter, the bigger the cumulative effect of wall friction. With wall friction, Pressure is lost in a cumulative way – and once lost, always lost. So the longer the small ID tube, the more pressure you will lose. In addition, there is centrifugal friction which is caused when tube is on a reel – and this is also cumulative – so there is less pressure loss when the tube is stretched out, than when most of it is still wound up! Last of all, you increase pressure by increasing resistance – the smaller the jets, or number of hers, the greater the resistance, the more pressure behind the jets, the more your water will ‘squurt’,


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