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What is the best DI TANK schematic?

There are a lot of guys with huge DI TANKS that are convenient because they last the season, but unwieldy – and unpredictable to their expiry / that is why we promote running 2 or 3 1/4 cu ft tanks in series – you simply test the TDS OUT of the tanks before the last  Full Article…


Can you summarise all pure water schematics?

Here are my conclusions on this topic.. I appreciate there are preferences that differ. DI ONLY is a simple and statistically affordable solution for times that RO does not deliver. DI ONLY can clean to 7 storeys in all conditions. Wash-iT PRO can clean to 3 storeys in 95% or more conditions (one operator). Agitation  Full Article…


Flow Dynamics Explained

The current (flow) in the middle of a river is always faster than at the bank of a river – that’s because there is friction at the bank. With a hose or tube, we call it ‘wall friction’. The smaller the internal diameter, the bigger the cumulative effect of wall friction. With wall friction, Pressure  Full Article…