Can you summarise all pure water schematics?

Here are my conclusions on this topic.. I appreciate there are preferences that differ.

DI ONLY is a simple and statistically affordable solution for times that RO does not deliver.

DI ONLY can clean to 7 storeys in all conditions.

Wash-iT PRO can clean to 3 storeys in 95% or more conditions (one operator).

Agitation CAN be achieved with tap water if you are running 2-nan crews – save demineralised water for the rinse function, rinse operator follows directly behind agitation operator.

Equally, one guy on RO, another on DI.

If there is power convenient, use a booster pump to RO for 2-men or over 3 storeys.

Amortised cost of DI annually is a better way to look at casual and intentional DI use.

A buffer tank with 2 pumps and controllers is the ultimate solution in the event On-Demand is not suitable.


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