Can Reach-iT poles use internal tubing?

We made Reach-iT poles the easiest to swap between internal and external tubing so that you can easily take advantage of both methods.

Our preferred default method is external –

It saves the pole from abrasive wear-and-tear that occurs when dirt and grit are dragged up the pole on the tube,

It keeps the tube in front of the Operator, preferably, with the hose, along the working face of the building instead of under the workers feet (out of the pole base) and a trip hazard to others 15ft out from the building ;

Internal tubing compels an idea of one tube, one brush per pole / external tubing compels an idea of one tube, one brush per operator

And it enables pull-apart – the ultimate in Water Fed Pole Efficiency. With an external tube, you can dismantle your pole 11ft at a time (1 storey at a time) so your pole gets lighter and more manageable. All Reach-iT poles disassemble 11ft at a time to ensure one pole system can clean an entire building.


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