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Archive | June, 2015

How to calculate your glass area ?

Analyse the total amount of glass you clean by the ‘storey’ eg – if you had an average of buildings in this ratio : 2:8:3:2:1 being 2 x 1 storey, to every 8 x 2 storey, to every 3 x 3 storey, to every 2 x 2 storey. 1 x 5 storeys buildings in your  Full Article…


Can Reach-iT poles use internal tubing?

We made Reach-iT poles the easiest to swap between internal and external tubing so that you can easily take advantage of both methods. Our preferred default method is external – It saves the pole from abrasive wear-and-tear that occurs when dirt and grit are dragged up the pole on the tube, It keeps the tube  Full Article…